July Heatwave

Its 28C and only 9am

I am writing this at 9am and the temperature outside is already at 28 degrees. A stark reminder that the climate crisis is real and we need to ACT fast.

The met office issued a weather warning for extreme heat wave this week.  This sort of heat is a danger to life and it’s essential that we all look out for our elderly or more vulnerable friends and family.  People with Dementia are particularly at risk from this heat.  The met office has issued some good advice:



I was also sent this, which was published by The Lancet this week.  It’s a handy guide to sustainable and accessible ways to keep cool.  Another top tip to add is to shut your windows and draw the curtains around 8-9am. If your house is insulated it should keep quite cool.

It seems rather ironic that on the hottest week of the year we are busy preparing ourselves for the winter.  Tonight, will be the first Information Sharing session in preparation for the upcoming Energy Roadshow.  Corony Edwards very kindly submitted a press release to Unity magazine this week about the roadshow.  It also includes details of an event which will be complimenting our roadshow – The Dunsford Energy Safari.  I will send round details of this event in a separate email.


Big family and friends’ day

I’d like to remind you that ACT will also be holding a big family and friends’ day on October the 1st at Teign Valley Community Hall in Christow.  We are looking for other community groups to come along and hold a stand.  It will be a chance to showcase what you are doing in your communities and network with other like-minded groups and people.  Please email me if you would like to be involved in this exciting opportunity.

ECOE Training

We have been given the opportunity to undertake Energy Champion training with Exeter Community Energy (ECOE).  The training will be via Zoom and the suggested dates are the 22nd,23rd and 25th of August from 4.30 till 6.30pm.  We have a limited number of spaces available, so we ask that if you would like to attend, you do therefore attend the Energy roadshow in September.  Spaces will be allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Finally, Are you curious to know how climate change is affecting the Teign Valley?

“This presentation by Professor Nevil Quinn and Michael Horswell, Senior Lecturer at the University of the West of England, will give an overview of the likely direction of climate change in the Valley from the recent through to the end of this century. It will focus on potential changes in local rainfall characteristics and how these might impact River Teign flows. The presentation will be followed by a discussion of what the projected changes might mean for us in the Valley and how we might respond.

Free, light buffet and drinks from 6pm for all ticket holders: register for your free Eventbrite ticket now to book your food! 


Keep cool and hydrated!

Best wishes


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